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Anybody know of a place,perhaps DIY shop or other, where I can buy frosted window film?

I have seen it on a roll in the past, my bathroom window is not frosted,its only until we replace our windows.

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14 Responses to “Anybody know of a place,perhaps DIY shop or other, where I can buy frosted window film?”

  1. mowglimama said :

    In the Uk any of the DIY stores sell this. I saw it last week in Focus

  2. cheezyhill said :

    Your local hardware store should carry it or a Menards or Home depot. It comes in a roll up to 48″ wide I think. I put some on one of my windows and it was pretty easy if you follow the directions and take your time.

  3. Herbie said :

    If you live in UK you can get it from a Kleeneze rep. If you can’t find any you could put up some cheap window net to tide you over.

  4. D said :

    if you are in the UK you can get it from B&Q its made by fablon self adhesive film

  5. Wayne said :

    Home Depot sells window film treatments, including some with a frosted or opaque look. It will be in the same area where they have the window blinds.

  6. Teri ann Sensible. said :

    Yes you can buy at B@Q or Wilkinson.

  7. Gail said :

    Lowe’s. Check the Home Decor Dept. I worked there for 6 years. We sold it in the Ohio stores. We also sold the frosted spray in with the spray paint.

  8. smurf said :


  9. mummy..x said :

    ikea. in the wembley branch you can find it near the curtain poles.

  10. AvoidingWork said :

    Home Depot. Some dollar stores sell the diamond patterned stuff. Other than that, the good kind can be ordered by the yard from sign industry suppliers. Sign vinyl suppliers like Gerber, Avery and 3M all make it.

  11. dorothy s said :

    There is an aerosol spray which will do this. Its more effective than the stuff on rolls, its easier to apply and it’s cheaper.

  12. Micky Calcott said :
    You can get it from this site either on a roll or cut to the size of your window. They also show how to install on the site.

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