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Anyone know any good diy hair extensions to try?

I have the clip-in extensions which i use going out, I have also had the salon extensions bonded in!! I am looking to try and put them in myself to save some money any one tried this? or know best type to use. glue? bonds etc?

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5 Responses to “Anyone know any good diy hair extensions to try?”

  1. 5 star said :

    try the remel style extensions, my girl has them

  2. Danzzzz-x said :

    Hiyaaa What Kind You After?
    * Clip In
    * Glue In
    I Recommend Dream Girl. they come in a pink pack or sometimes gold pack.
    they can be used to gluing in or clipping in 🙂 they look great when there in !! ive attached the website of the place i go sometimes. hope this has helped xx

  3. Allisonnx3 said :

    Dont use glue. it really screws up your hair.

    clip ins are probably best…even though they can be a pain to put in and out. But if you want healthy hair, clip ins.

  4. Torrie W said :

    use the pre-bonded extensions as you don’t need to buy the glue seperately and worry if you are using too much or too little etc…
    watch this for guidance:

  5. Nicola S said :

    Sallys are good for hair extensions.


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