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Anyone know of a nice DIY livery yard in Flintshire not too pricey?

Looking for a nice friendly DIY livery yard in Flintshire near to Connah’s Quay as possible. Prefer if it has a menage and need all year turnout during the day. Already know of the bigger popular yards in the area, looking for something quite small scale and not too expensive. Any recommendations?

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3 Responses to “Anyone know of a nice DIY livery yard in Flintshire not too pricey?”

  1. candyflossringataxi said :

    I don’t live near there so no idea. BUT word of mouth is always the best bet.. ask the bigger livery yards if they know anywhere, ask anyone you know with a horse.. or just stop people with a horse (people ask me and i don’t mind at all!) look in local tack shops and the free ads etc etc

    I contacted local farmers and one rents pieces of land.. so i now have 2 acres of my own, with my own wooden stable/shelter and sectioned off a manage. There are plenty of horse owners around me and i can do what i like with my field.. so i can keep it clean and my 2 ponies don’t get kicked by other horses :)… and its cheaper than DIY livery 🙂
    Good luck

  2. pa pizzazz said :

    Have you tried Highfield Livery Yard in Northop Hall? They have indoor school and I think now do all year turn out. Also check out tack shops for adds.

  3. nikzy911 said :

    Check to check regulated livery yards. You can search on here by area.



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