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Can anybody suggest any DIY to prevent drawers/cupboards slamming – apartment neighbour moaning bout noise!?

My neighbour below me is moaning about the noise of us shutting drawers and cupboards etc as the walls are paper thin….To keep the peace can anybody suggest any DIY products that can cushion/prevent the slamming . Any help would be great except from the usual joker comments of “DON’T SLAM THEM” or ” CLOSE THEM SLOWLY” etc.


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12 Responses to “Can anybody suggest any DIY to prevent drawers/cupboards slamming – apartment neighbour moaning bout noise!?”

  1. Spike F said :
  2. MattDaMan said :

    You can get these little rubber things that slowly retract when the cupboard door is almost shut. Sorry but i don’t have links

  3. GWYN M said :

    You can buy ‘Soft Close’ door hinges and drawer runners from any good DIY Store. They should fit the same holes as you existing ones. I have fitted them to my own furniture.

  4. richard c said :

    the soft close system is good but if ur looking at not spending a lot of money just use a foam draft excluder that should do it.

  5. Havoc_og_mc said :

    But foam rings and put them where the door meets its jamb. This will limit the amount of noise it makes when closing.

    The only other option is to fix diferent hinges that close slowly.

  6. sailor said :

    You can but cork, plastic or rubber stick on pads at places like B&Q for penny’s, these will stop the draws and cupboards from banging shut.

  7. rcloony said :

    Sounds like you could add bumpers to the doors and drawers. Most hardware stores will have a variety of them. Rubber bumpers come in various styles (square, round) but you could also get them in felt. Felt also comes in small sheet you can cut up to the sizes you need. If you go that route, put the bumpers on the doors and drawer fronts, not on the cabinets…it looks a tad better that way.

  8. billii007 said :

    any good mother/baby store should stocks something that stops drawers and cupboards from slamming,….these packs are used for when babies start walking and mothers don’t want doors slamming on their fingers.

  9. thewrangler_sw said :

    Cork disks, felt pads, foam or vinyl bumpers, are just a few products you can use to prevent noisy door closing, whether it be on a cabinet door, or room door.

    Many come in ‘peel n stick’ sheets, of various sizes. Some come on ‘stems’, which would be inserted into a drilled hole (most commonly used on cabinet doors).

    You can find some versions at your local department store, like WalMart, any hardware store, and many building supply stores.

    Here are a few types that Rockler carries to give you an idea of what to look for –

    Good Luck

  10. COLIN T said :

    Little pads of stick on foam, only costs pennies. it is the thin end of the wedge mate, next he will be complaing about the sound of you going to the loo and switching the lights on and you will have to kneel down to pee and live in darkness.

  11. MICHAEL H said :

    go to b&q,they have just wot u need,they r like little hydraulic rods that prevent doors &drawers slamming,try the kitchen dept,they come in bags of about 8,you just screw them to the carcass of door or draw.

  12. Roriuttetty said :

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