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Can i make a DIY icing bag?

I want to decorate my fairy cakes but i don’t have any icing bags, is there a way i could improvise? Also, does decorating work with any icing or does it have to be a certain kind? (i was hoping to use the stuff you make from icing sugar by adding water)

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8 Responses to “Can i make a DIY icing bag?”

  1. adcmtp said :

    use a large ziploc bag and cut a corner of it. i’ve done it before. i’m pretty sure you can use any icing but make sure it’s not too runny or warm.

  2. TX2step said :

    You need powdered (or confectioner’s) sugar. Regular sugar won’t work for icing that you want to pipe on. You can fill little baggies (like zip-lock, or sandwich baggies), and cut one of the corners off, and squeeze it out the corner……

  3. sue said :

    Yes, you can make icing bags, either using parchment roll into a tube, trim the point to the shape you want, fill with icing and pipe it on. or you can use any other paper, preferably waxed paper, but I have used aluminum foil occasionally.

    When I use the plastic bags, I usually drop a decorating tip into the corner I trim for decorating. But you don’t absolutely have to, just trim it to the shape you want your icing.

    Butter cream icing works best, not just icing sugar and water. It doesn’t pipe well. It needs either butter, cream cheese or shortening for a base.

    you can make Royal icing as well, but this takes some time and care and fast working before the icing sets up. for recipes for decorator icings. (icing sugar, powder sugar, and confectioners sugar are all interchangable terms)

  4. happy chappy said :

    you can use greaseproof paper rolled into a cone and cut a small hole at the base to guide the icing and you have to use royal icing which is best but you can use butter cream also in some large shops you can buy tubes of icing in various colours instead of making royal icing.

  5. jim b said :

    Buttercream Icing II – Holds up in humidity better – Faux Fondant
    This recipe and the instructions are from a lovely lady name “Sewsweet.” I thank her very much.

    4 pounds powdered (confectioners’) sugar
    2 cups Crisco shortening
    1/3 cup powdered milk mixed with enough water to make 1 cup
    1/2 teaspoon clear vanilla
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon clear butter flavor
    1/2 teaspoon almond extract
    1/2 teaspoon Crème Royale or crème bouquet, optional
    1/2 cup corn starch

    Into the mixer bowl, place the Crisco shortening and cream until fluffy.

    Combine the water and the powdered milk in a small bowl; add the butter extract, almond extract, and crème royale or crème bouquet, and salt.

    Add the powdered sugar mixture to the creamed shortening in the mixer bowl and mix. Add 1/2 cup cornstarch and beat well on low for about 15 minutes.

    NOTE: This buttercream icing can be kept out of the refrigerator for around 2 weeks, I’d say. I usually use it so fast that I hardly ever get it in the refrigerator unless I am preparing large batches. It can also be frozen. The cornstarch helps humidity as well as helping to cut the sweetness. Play with it and use whatever flavorings you like.

    This icing needs to be made ahead of time. As it sets up it gets firmer. When ready to use, just rewhip on low and you get a smooth, non-airy buttercream icing. I like this recipe better than Wilton’s buttercream because it tastes less sweet and uses half the amount of Crisco shortening.
    NOTE!! This is the kind of icing I used for many years to ice and decorate cakes.
    As for the icing bag use heavy wax paper–
    parchment paper or butcher paper cut off a
    piece long enough to make a square fold it
    to make a tryangle roll it into a cone shape
    the point of the cone to be in the center of the long side of the tryangle. drop the tube into the cone then drop in the icing cut off the point to let the tube come through 1/2
    way and you are ready to might take a little practice but it will work I made a living doing it for years. good luck I hope this helps you. jim b

  6. zebedee said :

    yes just use a food bag with a tiny snip out of the bottom corner of it.

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