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difference between wire mesh u can buy from a diy store and hardware cloth?

Is hardware cloth alot stronger than wire mesh??? what makes it so much more expensive????
Would hardware cloth be able to keep its shape when covered in a layer of water based clay or is it not that strong????

Thanks in advance
by wire mesh i do mean chicken wire or something similar from a diy store.

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3 Responses to “difference between wire mesh u can buy from a diy store and hardware cloth?”

  1. Bilbo said :

    Maybe you need to experiment. Even the weakest of fibres when combined with a matrix like clay (if a good bond can be achieved) can be surprisingly strong.

    When I was very poor I reinforced concrete with untwisted wire coat hangers and twenty years on it is still going strong.

  2. oil field trash said :

    As you can see from the site below, hardware cloth comes in different gages but I would think even the lightest gage would hold its shape pretty well.

    I have no idea what you mean by wire mesh. Could you be asking about poultry netting (chicken wire)?

  3. Wire Mesh Products Manufacturers in India said :

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