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DIY Can you make table legs out of Pringles crisp tubes?

Can you make table legs out of Pringles crisp tubes also where the hell is the diy section on yahoo>?

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6 Responses to “DIY Can you make table legs out of Pringles crisp tubes?”

  1. Cate said :

    You could but you should pour quik crete or concrete into the legs to make them solid. A heavy table will collapse them.

  2. Majh J said :

    You can, very arty actually. Use wood glue or hot glue to secure in place.

  3. trACEy said :

    Good idea!But strengthen them by keeping the lids on and strengthen the shell with some sort of toughening paint?

  4. sam said :

    its in the home and garden section,click on the home and garden a drop down list will appear,and if by Magic diy appears,as for making table legs out of pringle tubes,yes you can what i idear remember they need to be the same size,and you need the same amount on each corner,if its a square table etc..

  5. pebblespro said :

    MMM.. Maybe… If you made a circular table you could use TWO circles as a base one on top and one on bottom and use the Pringles cans as supports…! Kinda neat idea and a great way to recycyle the Pringles tubes…. I’ve used baseball bats as table legs or even spindles from stairs/old chairs and bed headboards..

    Good luck

  6. Ant Bait said :

    you could fill the pringles cans with that expanding foam “great stuff”, and they would be much stronger.


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