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Diy kitchen on a serious budget?

How would you go about making a kitchen on a miniscule budget? Electric appliances already bought but virtually nothing left for cupboards. I’m talking a new take on the fitted kitchen!
To clarify (and thanks guys for answering already) I’m looking for some cool ideas for a non -standard looking non-fitted kitchen. Thanks
It’s going to be difficult choosing the best answer. Thanks guys for all the suggestions (e anche lei senor l’Italiano, ciao bello!) good suggestions all round.

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8 Responses to “Diy kitchen on a serious budget?”

  1. Gazbo said :

    You could try just replacing the doors on the cupboards to give them a new look.

  2. Gianni S said :

    ciao… è bene che tu sappia che io sono italiano e quindi non conosco l’inglese…. e quindi ciao

  3. K B said :

    Try getting hold of some second hand cabinets and just buying new doors and drawer fronts for them. Try asking on Freecycle and you’d be amazed what people will come up with.

  4. itsme said :

    head to the local dollar tree store. you can set a table of 4 for 20 bucks or so..including plates, salad bowls,drink ware, and silver ware. many stores also sell cook ware. adding new hardware to cupboards and drawers is also a cheap way to add something new.

  5. Verity H said :

    keep the same cupboards you used before but change the doors for a new look. You can buy cheap doors online or at B&Q for a little amount of money.

    Hope I Helped

  6. Judy Teen said :

    You can, as already suggested just replace the doors. There are other options though depending how handy you are. It wouldn’t take a great deal of skill to build your own units. Basically a couple of batons fixed to each wall to take the weight of a worktop and base ‘plinth’. Some sheets of mdf to make the worktop which could be tiled, varnished, woodgrained using a simple kit, or any number of ideas to make it attractive. Some 2×1 planed timber for the cupboard fronts and again mdf for the doors.
    Other than that, places like B&Q do basic shells which can accommodate most types of draws and doors, and these can be quite cheap.

  7. Kandi said :

    See if you have a local habitat for humanity store, and buy some cheap stuff and re-paint it. Also think of using things that don’t go in the kitchen normally for storage depending on what your style is.

  8. Kosh said :

    Non standard?

    Try finding some tile closeouts and make a collage of tiles on the counters! Maybe even the doors.

    Take colored crepe paper, tear or cut into strips and varnish in layers onto your cabinet doors for a colorful, jazzy texture.

    You could also pull off your old cabinets and spray them with highly textured paint.


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