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Do you always try and do your own DIY or do you always reach for the yellow pages whatever the job?

So do you always give it a go? Plumbing, painting, carpentry etc?

Or do you always get a tradesman in?

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15 Responses to “Do you always try and do your own DIY or do you always reach for the yellow pages whatever the job?”

  1. Tio said :

    i do almost all of my own.if there is something i don’t know i have friends in different trades to give me a hand or instruct me.Jack of all trades master of none

  2. woodtick314 said :

    I know my limitations, and have been in the trades long enough to recognize them. For the most part I do it myself. When I can’t, I have a lot of friends who are willing to barter. It’s a great system. Hope this helps.

  3. big owl said :

    I try to do most of the DIY myself,electric I will not touch

  4. BARRY B said :

    I DIY most things with a few exceptions. Plastering is one that defeats me. Carpentry takes me forever, but the rest I gain satisfaction from. And there is the saving of course. I was led into DIY by shortage of funds. I suspect I would have been mostly a yellow page man if I had had stacks of disposable income. What irritates me is the high handed attitude of some so called ‘tradesmen’. You only have to pick up a trade magazine in a wholesalers to read condescending tripe. I pride myself on doing work at least as good as a tradesman and often better than. I don’t cut corners as there is no profit motive. So I say if you can, DIY!

  5. Aurora said :

    LOL I always leave it for Mr Fixit to do all that.

    That’s why I married him.

  6. LenM said :,carpentry,electric,paint,masonry,auto repair.ask if im not sure,reasearch,do it.

  7. Haz said :

    I try and do it myself with the help of my Nans beloved Readers Digest ‘How to do just about anything ‘ book lol.

    If I had the money I would do F all myself.

    Luckily my mum is brilliant and her motto of ‘just throw some polyfilla and emulsion on it’ is truly inspired 🙂

  8. Matthew said :

    i give everything a go and most things i no how to do

  9. DustinDawind said :

    I will try most things. If something requires too many expensive tools that I don’t own I may pass on it. If it involves too much specialized training or a specially trained crew I am more likely to just hire it done.
    I will do research and get instructions and advice for anything I haven’t done before to try and make it as easy as possible and then, I’ll give most everything a whack. I’ve never been unsuccessful at completing a project because it was too hard or I got stuck.
    The times that I have hired a tradesman to do all or part of a project was when time was a serious factor and I didn’t know how long it would take me to do something.

  10. Gobilina said :

    I too have the Readers Digest ‘how to do just about anything’ book but for major DIY stuff I will seek ‘a man who can’ Most craft stuff will have me having a go. The way I see it men’s jobs are for men if I think it should be!

  11. Misty Blue said :

    I have two tradesmen all to myself.Husband and son,builder and plumber.Between them they can do everything.

  12. Ricky said :

    I do as much as I can myself. Don’t touch electrics unless its only changing a plug or light fitting. Some plumbing I do and some I outsource – I figure that if I bought all the tools to do a job and the likelihood is that I won’t get a similar job afterwards then I spend my money on a tradesman instead.

  13. Lynda said :

    When we were younger, we didn’t hesitate to do most everything ourselves.

  14. bigbossmamma said :

    About the only thing we won’t tackle is plumbing or electrical. We get a proper tradesman in to do these.

  15. jedi_ninja_guy said :

    in between, I don’t mess with A/C because of all the regulations on refrigerants.


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