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Do you know of any good DIY books?

Hi there, I want to learn a bit about DIY, fro someone who knows very little currently. Like what certain things are called, how to plaseter, pollyfiller, etc. Very easy guide to learn about DIY basically, the names of things, and what RSJ’s are and that sort of thing.
Also tiling, kitchen, doors, wallpaper, roof repairs…

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3 Responses to “Do you know of any good DIY books?”

  1. Lockie said :

    “DIY for dummies”

  2. James said :

    Collins complete DIY Manual is probably by far the best. Click the first link below to read the review.

  3. John Camus said :

    I would start with a dictionary, especially one with pictures. I would leave RSJ’s until you get the hang of spelling though.


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