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Does anybody know when it is appropriate to do DIY in the home?

I have a problem with my nextdoor neighbour who is doing DIY at what i think is an unreasonable hour ie 10 oclock at night till 12.20 in the morning and nearly all day on a sunday. Does anybody know the rules and regulations about doing DIY in the home. I have tried reasoning with him but he is one of these people that only think,s of himself i am at my wits end and it is’nt doing my health any good please help

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2 Responses to “Does anybody know when it is appropriate to do DIY in the home?”

  1. navi said :

    These times are certainly unreasonable. I think you should talk to your local copper for advice and to your council. Take recordings indoors to demonstrate to someone the level of the noise. There is also the possibility that you can get a letter written by a solicitor sent to him. Another body to contact for advice is Citizens Advice.

  2. Girlie Electrics said :

    Environmental health deal with noise nuisance.


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