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French door frame is weather worn – will wood filler help?

Our french door is not the uPVC type…it is a door that has a meatl frame and because of all the heavy rain we have had in Britain this year, the frame has suffered some damage. Can I use wood filler on this, and varnis it until we can afford a new one? Would it work or am I wasting time and money? Thanks for your help.
I meant the wooden frame that surrounds the metal frame of the french door. Can I use wood filler on the wood, sand and varnish or do I have to replace the whole thing? Thanks

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5 Responses to “French door frame is weather worn – will wood filler help?”

  1. Harry said :

    I am a little confused. You said it is a metal frame and then ask if you can use wood filler. If it is wood they make wood filler made especially for outdoor use. If it is metal then used body repair putty that you would use on your car. For both use a good primer and exterior paint.

  2. BARRY B said :

    Ronseal make a good two pack filler that you use after applying their liquid wood hardener. All DIY stores sell it. It is fast, easy to rub down and very effective. All the info is on the tins. It’s what the professionals use these days as it is about the best.

  3. Taf said :

    I am not too clear on what is wood and which is metal.

    If you buy 2-part (catalytic) filler (ask at a trade shop) it will stick to wood and metal (though it will only say wood on the tin) as long as it is adhereing to a clean, sound and dust free surface it will stick to it. So rake out any soft/rotten wood and sand off any loose paint – then fill.

    It can be painted afterwards. I imagine you could varnish it, but it looks like car body filler.

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