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Hi does anyone know how to get rid of circle marks on wood from the use of a circular sander? .?

The wood an old table stripped down to bare wood. My partner despite my disgust at the use of a circular sander left the wood in a sorry state. I tried to get rid of these scars with sandpaper but to no avail, so I waxed the table but it did not work out very well because of the marks left by the sander. I would be so very grateful if anyone out there has a solution as this table is 6X4 and came out of school 1800’s so it has a lot of history. Thank you.

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3 Responses to “Hi does anyone know how to get rid of circle marks on wood from the use of a circular sander? .?”

  1. scruffythekangaroo said :

    either use finer sand paper, or get a belt sander and go with the wood grain… again the finer paper the better.

  2. waljac6108 said :

    go over it with belt sander, w/course, grain belt, then use a mediuim belt. then use couse steel wool, then fine sand paper by hand. that make a smooth finsh.

  3. mw said :

    Ah, that’s too bad. Antiques and sanders do not go well together, in fact, it’s value was probably ruined by the sander! The only way to fix the circular marks is to sand them away, but you must use a different type of sander. A belt sander will take wood down in one direction, so hold that type sander so it removes wood in the same direction as the grain of the wood. Start with a course sand paper belt, then after you have the wood evened out and all the circular marks are removed, change to a finer belt. Be very careful, as a sander will gouge wood instantly, and can leave a surface uneven, if not held carefully, and level. Keep changing the belts to a finer one, as you want no sandpaper marks left. Once you have used the finest sandpaper, change to a 000 steel wool pad. Then a 0000 steel wool pad. The steel wool will remove all the leftover lines from the sandpaper.


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