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How can I build a compost bin ?

Starting a compost pile is very easy and cheap. After a year, waste in a compost bin becomes a good fertilizer. It is a great way to recycle kitchen waste and yard clippings. Building a compost bin is also good for the environment.

You can make a compost bin using a wire woven fence. First, you have to cut a three- to four-feet circle and bend the cut off tabs on the opposite end. Start by putting a layer of grass or leave clippings in the circle. Every day, collect all the kitchen waste like vegetable peelings, eggshells, coffee grounds, etc and place them inside.

You can also use a fifty-five gallon drum for your compost bin. On the lower part of the drum, approximately twelve inches, drill holes in any pattern. Fill the drum with grass clippings and kitchen waste. You can cover the drum if you have a lead, allowing the compost to cook faster. This type of compost bin is best for those who live in neighborhoods, as the barrel would not be unpleasant like the woven wire.

Wooden pallets are also a good material in making a compost bin. However, this method can involve more work and sometimes be more expensive. You need ten pallets of the same size, three hinges and screws to hold it together. Start by joining three sides of the box by screwing three pallets together and attaching the other two pallets on the back and side. Attach the hinges in front of each compartment to open it and the pallet to the hinges. Start composting from the bottom compartment and work your way to the top.

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