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How can I build a lake raft ?

If you want to spend your summer lying down while you float in a raft, you can do it. With the right tolls and materials, this dream can come to a reality. Building your own raft is not hard as you think it is, and you can make one with several materials available. It is great having a raft if you have a nearby lake, you can use it to relax or as your fishing platform.

To build your own raft, you will need about ten pieces of spruce or pine logs, twine, a hatchet, dry brush or grass and a measuring tape. Cut eight pieces of your logs twelve feet long with a diameter of twelve inches and cut the two remaining logs eight feet long with five inches in diameter.

Now, lay all the longer logs side by side until you form a seven by twelve raft. If you have unevenness on your logs, you can trim it down and make it equal. Take measurements on each end of the logs about eighteen inches and cut notches using the hatchet. Make sure to have a square shape notches to snugly hold the crosspiece in. line it all up to check if the notches are in line. Trim the shorter logs fit to the notches and slide it through, and use a twine to secure all log pieces.

Tie plastic or metal barrels with a rope on the bottom of the raft as floatation device. To secure your footing while on the raft, you can place some bush or dry grass on the top. Lastly, attach a rope on the raft to tie on the dock if you are not using it.

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