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How can I build a poker table ?

In every card player, one of the most important necessities is a poker table. A good poker tab is capable of accommodating several people to play a good and fun game of poker or other card games. However, it is quite expensive to buy a poker table. Luckily, there are simple steps in building one for the average do-it-yourself person. The best thing about building your own poker table is that you can build it according to the number of people or the card game you wish to play.

Some of the necessary tools needed to make your own poker table are jigsaw, tape measure, sander, and spray adhesive, cordless drill, sandpaper, and staple gun, speed square and wood screws. The building supplies needed to make a poker table are two sheets of 4×8 plywood, a few yards of felt, a set of folding table legs and vinyl and foam. Of course, the size of the wood used depends on the size of the table you wish to build.

You can start building your poker table by cutting one of the large pieces of plywood into any shape you desire, but the common poker table shape is oval. The cut piece will serve as your table top. Lay the other piece of wood over the top and trace the shape of the cut piece with a pencil or any marker. Then, cut the trace line using a jigsaw.

Next is to measure 5 inches into the second piece and cut another oval on it. This outer piece will be the railing for the poker table. You can set aside the inner oval to use as support for the table on the later part of the process. Make a 1 inch mark all the way around the first large oval you cut and make holes around the perimeter using the cordless drill and insert the jigsaw. Cut around the markings and take the ring off to be used for the lower railing of the poker table.

Fasten the inner and outer railing and set it aside for later use. Then, cut foam the size of the oval and attach it using a spray adhesive. Assemble the table with wood screws. Flip the table and use the sander to smoothen all the rough edges and surfaces. Lastly, lay the railing on top of the table and bolt it from underneath, and your poker table is finished.

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