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How can I build an adobe house ?

Building an adobe house is a great challenge but a very fulfilling experience. Adobe is one of the most used construction materials. It is a sun-dried mud and has great qualities in energy-saving. Soil, water and straw are the main ingredients of adobe bricks.

The first thing you need is to create is the adobe bricks. You will need soil, straw, water, nails, brick molds, trowel, asphalt and tar. Get a suitable soil for your adobe brick, the best quality of an soil for adobe has equal parts silt sand and clay. Mix the soil with straw and water to create a paste and pour it into the molds. Then, allow the mixture to dry for ten days.

After finishing the bricks, you can start building your walls. You can start at the corners and your way to the middle of you walls. You should apply mortar in between bricks to strengthen your wall. You can set some wooden inserts between bricks for frames and decorations of doors and windows. Place studs as normal and add bricks around it.

If your beams will be bearing some load, you can use rebar-reinforced beams or bond beams. Wrap the bricks around the beam for additional strength for load. Now, you can start making the floor. You can do this in two ways, with bricks or spread. You need to lay down vapor barrier first if you will be using adobe brick for your floor. If spread, apply two inches of adobe mixture on the flooring and use a trowel to smoothen. After the first layer is dried, apply another layer on top.

In roofing the adobe house, the normal process of roofing will do. Use asphalt and tar paper in protecting it from heat. Decking and wooden beams can be used in making the roof’s structure.

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