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How can I build an indoor fort ?

Your children might be kept indoors if you are having a bad winter and rainy day, but it does not mean that fun and adventure will stop. All you have to do is to bring the fun outdoors inside your house. One of the most favorite things a kid want is to build a tree house or a fort and there are many alternatives to keep branches inside the house.

There are materials inside your house that you can use. If you have boxes in you attic or basement, you can just cut and tape it to build a tunnel like fort or a tall and large fort that children can climb or and play for hours. It is also fun decorating the fort. It is better to encourage your kids for their inputs and ideas regarding your fort’s design. The easiest way to build a ort is with blankets. You can use large sheets; make sure to put it up correctly for they may easily fall off. You can simply add two chairs with the blanket or large sheet draping over them. Calculate the distance o the chair to create the opening desired but make sure to keep both side of the blanket draping or touching the floor to create a cave like look.

Another way to build a fort inside your house is with your couch, kitty corner it or chair. You can turn your couch upside down leaving an opening or your kids’ entrance. If your children want more seclusion, you can add a large sheet on the top of the couch.

It will also be good idea to clean up some of the junk in your basement or attic. Children can build their own fort up there. The best thing about this is that they will be out of your way. Make sure that you do not have any unwanted animals in your attic or basement such as bats and rodents that may harm your kids.

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