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How can I change a table saw blade ?

Due to the type of uses of a table saw, it is important to know how to change its blade. There are different blades required to accomplish different kind of tasks. Different kind of blades include smooth-cutting blade, rip blades and dado blades. Changing the blade of a table saw is easy and it will come in handy if you are working on a certain project.

Always think of safety before you start changing a table saw blade. Make sure that you have unplugged the table saw power cord or the breaker is off. Then, check if the switch is also off on you table saw to make sure that it will not come on before you start changing the blade.

Take the blade guard out by placing two screws on the back and in the front. Set the blade guard aside after removing the screws and you will see the blade completely with the guard removed. The washer, motor arbor and the arbor nut will also be visible after removing the blade guard. Then, you can change the blade by placing a scrap piece of wood to avoid the blade from turning while you loosen the nut. Apply pressure on the wood against the blade as you twist the screw.

Next, set the wrench on the arbor nut and pull it forward to loosen the nut. Unscrew the nut out of the arbor, take the washer off and take the blade out of the saw. Place the new blade on the table saw. Check if the cutting-edge teeth of the blade is facing front. Screw the nut tight and make sure to replace the washer. Again, place the piece of wood on the other side of the blade while you tighten the screws. Lastly, place the blade guard back in and turn the table saw power back on. Try o run the table saw if the blade is working.

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