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How can I convert a framed window into a sliding door ?

If you’ve had it with looking out on your window, why not walk through it by changing it to a sliding door? Converting your framed window to a sliding door is quite challenging but definitely worth the sweat. Before you start, prepare all the tools necessary. You should have a hammer, tape measure, crow bar, nail sheet screws, power saw, chisel, caulking, utility knife, sawzall, insulation foam, level and a square.

Expose the outer edge of the window frame by removing it. Then, cut all the nails securing the window o the header and studs with the use of a sawzall and remove the window. Once removed, the studs will be visible on your left and right side in the opening. Inside, you will see the header on top and a ridge on the bottom. Now, take width measurements on your sliding door and apply the same measurements on the wall where you want to install the door. Make sure that you door location will not disrupt any services like gas, electrical outlets or water, and mark your measurements clearly with a color in contrast to your wall.

Flatten the header with a sawzall, as well as the studs on both side of the opening. Again, run the sawzall on both side of your markings on the floor until the bottom plate stopping in the sub flooring. Take out all old wall pieces and do the same steps on the other side of the house. Then take measurements for the header and cut out header without cutting cripple studs. Cut cripple studs with the same measurements, the number of studs depends on the door’s width, but the studs must be sixteen inches.

Now, cut the new header with the same length as the door’s width with a six-inch allowance on both sides, nail it in position against the cripple stud and fill the inside with insulation in accordance to your building code. Make two studs with measurements from the top to the bottom plate and nail it in position against the header ends. Cut another set of studs with measurements from header to bottom plate and nail it on the two outer studs. Apply strips of roofing tarpaper along the studs and repeat the steps for the header.

Tack in place a thresh-hold on the floor opening and place sliding door, making sure it fits. If the snug does not fit the header, you can add wedges under the thresh-hold. Then, check for plumb and level and apply wedges if needed. Fill cavities with insulation foam and nail the tabs to the newly built stud frame. Lastly, cut doorframe for the outside and inside of your house and nail in position. Seal the flooring with latex caulking and around the frame edge as well.

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