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How can I get biro off a wood kitchen cabinet?

I’ve tried good old washing up liquid and a cloth and it didn’t shift at all. I haven’t found any suitable cleaning products to use, and/or didn’t want to use them in case it damaged my door! What else can I try that might work?

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5 Responses to “How can I get biro off a wood kitchen cabinet?”

  1. Nickynackynoo said :

    Hairspray! Spray a little on a hidden area first, just to make sure it doesn’t affect the colour. If it looks ok, spray some on the to biro and wipe off with a soft cloth.

  2. LOOBYLOO said :

    Get cleaning block made of melamine residue. Can get them in cleaning depts of lots of stores. qvc shopping channel has them, they call them IT WORKS. It does, have used them to get marks of emulsion painted walls, wallpaper, cleaned stainless steel. List endless of their uses.

  3. jayemess said :

    Nickynackynoo beat me to it.

  4. andrew f said :

    Alcohol, in the form of surgical or methylated spirit, but test it on an unobtrusive section first, to make sure it won’t damage the surface (which it probably won’t). The fluid sold for “petrol” cigarette lighters dissolves biro ink, too. However, test on an unseen bit (like the underside of a cupboard door), and it might be an idea to apply a bit of biro there first, to make sure not only that your chosen remedy won’t damage the finish, but also that the dissolved ink doesn’t soak into the wood and create an even more unsightly stain. These solvents are highly inflammable, so no naked flames, including gas pilot lights, nearby.

  5. reggie said :

    Ive just cleaned my side board with oxy clean came up a treat took all my stains away i use it for most things


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