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How can I get red wine off a wooden table – it’s soaking into the wood:-S?

I’ve heard that salt gets it out of carpets so will it work on wood? Thanks for your answers:-)
We’ve tried wiping it but it’s not shifting

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5 Responses to “How can I get red wine off a wooden table – it’s soaking into the wood:-S?”

  1. Sal*UK said :

    Baking soda or cornflour maybe? But if the table is unvarnished, you are pretty much stuffed – sorry 🙁

  2. Chef Girl said :

    Murphys Oil Soap might take it out.

  3. Robin C said :

    At this point it is soaked into the wood. You can cover it with cornstarch and see if any will adsorb, but I think you are stuck with the stain. The only way to really get it out is to sand down the table and re-finish it. You could also just buy a pretty table cloth to hid the stain until you re-finish the table.

  4. Nora said :

    I’ve used a paste made with warm water and oxyclean for this. I’ve done it on two different pieces of furniture (after a dinner party mishap) the good news it worked really well, the bad on an oak piece it faded the finish, badly. So if you are dealing with light wood, it might be worth the risk, dark, then well you would have to decide if it’s worth the risk.

    BTW – the faded spot on the oak is hardly visible any more – I re-tinted it with old english dark wood scratch cover, it worked oat ok – I’m just sure I will have to refinish at some point

  5. makintoshiv said :


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