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How can I install a ceiling fixture ?

There are many ways on how to install ceiling fixtures and all methods are quite straightforward. However, if you want to ensure proper installation and safety, just follow these steps and you will have a great ceiling fixture in no time. It is very easy to replace ceiling fixtures, but remember to think safety before you begin.

The first you need to do before replacing your ceiling fixture is to turn the power off on the circuit you plan to use for your fixture. You will find it in the circuit breaker box in your house. This way, you can avoid electrocution in any ways while you remove the old one and install the new ceiling fixture.

Take the entire light fixture off by removing all the screws connecting it to the ceiling. Use a circuit tester to make sure that the power is off on the exposed wires once you finished removing all the light in your fixture. Take the wires extending from the ceiling apart from the wire of your current lighting and take the mounting bracket down from the previous fixture.

Locate the neutral wire on the mounting bracket of the lighting; it is normally covered in white insulation. Remove about half an inch of the insulation using a wire sniper. Do the same thing on the black or the hot wire. Then, locate the new mounting bracket’s ground wire covered with green insulation and take about half inch of the insulation as well.

Attach each corresponding color wires from the new lighting mounting bracket and wire hanging from the ceiling by twisting it and cover it with electrical tape. Hide all the wires into your ceiling and install the mounting bracket with the mounting screw that goes with your new fixture.

Once you finished installing the mounting bracket, you can now mark the holes where you want to place your anchors and drill the markings. Screw the anchors on the drilled holes and turn the lights on. Turn the power back on your fixture and check if all the lights are working properly. If all the lights are working, you can now put the cover back on the mounting bracket.

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