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How can I install a security chain ?

If you want to feel more secured from crafty criminals, you may add security chain in your door. This allows you to open your door partially to see who is on the other side, rather than greeting potential predators and strangers. Security chains are harder to force open than the normal locks.

Security chain is very easy to install in your doors. All you need is a drill, masking tape, safety glasses, pencil and of course, your chain lock kit. You can get security chains in almost every hardware store and locksmith in your location. You can shop and see what they have to offer. You can also ask attendants to get a security chain kit with installation guide for you.

Prepare all your materials and tools needed. Check the installation guide on your security chain kit to see what kind of drill bit or screwdriver is needed. Get your masking tape and pencil and tape up the outline for the lock plate. The lock plate is the one detached to the chain. Place the lock plate about three to six inches above your door’s deadbolt. You can place it above your door handle if you do not have a deadbolt.

Put markings on the points of the template with pencil or any kind of marker. After marking the points, you can take the template down. You can check the manual of your kit to be sure. Drill the holes for the screw with the correct bit for better grip. Then, screw the plate onto your door.

Next, position the template for the mount and tape it. Place it on the wall just beside the doorframe and line it up with the lock plate. Mark the template using the same steps as the lock plate. Repeat the same steps in drilling the screw holes and screw the chain mount. Test your security chain, make sure it is secure and cannot be forced or unchained from outside.

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