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How can I make a kite ?

There are all sorts of kite types, which people can make, but the easiest kind is the diamond-type kite. It will take just a few minutes to finish a diamond shaped kite and if taken care properly, it might last a couple of months. The project is quite effortless even for youngsters. For the science-minded, you can create a kite to show the basics of flight, making an educational experience in addition to a fun afternoon.

In making a kite, you have to prepare two uneven sized wooden dowel or fairly straight sticks; a sheet of paper like paper bag or tissue; fishing line or string; scissors; a marking pen; a light saw for cutting the wood; and glue or tape. Start by taking measurements of the dowel and making a notch.

Mark the shorter stick on the middle and the longer stick about three fourth. Tie both wood pieces connecting the two marks to make a cross. Then you have the framework for the skin. The simplest way to make this is to tie all notches with a fishing line or a string to make a diamond shape. Before you position the paper on the framework, you can make a yoke that can stabilize the kite as it flies. Add three pieces of string to the frame where the wood mark touches and at the bottom to create a point where your kite string can be connected.

Once you finished the basic frame and yoke, you can now cover the kite with paper. Make sure to add extra layer if you are planning to use tissue to prevent your kite from ripping. If you want a much durable kite, you can use an old plastic bag instead of paper. Attach the skin to the framework using a tape or glue to prevent flapping as it flies. As for the tail, you can tie a string on the bottom of the framework or you can just tape or glue plastic or paper cutouts.

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