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How can I make a wine rack ?

One of the most admirable things a man can have is a wine collection but wine on rack that you made your own are something you can brag about. The best thing about making your own wine rack is that you can design it and decide the number of wines you can place in it the way you like it. Building your own wine rack is very easy and a nice project to spend your time with.

Your normal woodworking tools are all you need to make a wine rack. You can start by deciding how big you want your wine rack to be; try to consider the place where you want it to make your decision making a lot easier. There are wine racks designed to fit in a kitchen for easy wine access and some like bookshelves to highlight wine collection. Make sure to design your rack holding the wines horizontally to keep debris from the bottleneck and allows the cork to stay wet.

Take measurements of at least seven inches in depth for your wine rack to make it steadier and lessen the risk of the bottle to stick out. Then, decide how many bottles you want your wine rack to hold and what shape you want the slots to be. The two commonly used ways to store wines are in a flat box and in a diamond shaped slot. You can have the slots of your rack capable of carrying two or more bottles to save space or a slot where only one bottle can fit which gives easier wine access.

Remember to screw or drill holes first in your wood before you put the screws to avoid the wood from cracking making it vulnerable to collapse at certain load. Be the envy of your friends by creating unique design for your wine rack, If cannot think of any, purchase a wine rack kit where you can see a lot of nifty designs to choose from and you will still be the one building the wine rack. Have fun with your wine rack project.

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