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How can I make an outdoor living space ?

Most people want to spend more time in the yard after the frost had left and the sun starts shining longer and longer. If you feel trapped in your home for a long time, you may consider extending your living space in the backyard. You can do this by creating a deck. Decks will give you a living area outdoor, which you can furnish with a variety of décor for an inviting retreat to those who want some fresh air and enjoyment in the sun.

If you want to create a deck of your own, the first thing to do is make a design. Get a marker and paper and check for the best location available in your house. Keep in mind that you will also need some shade as much as you want some sun. Try to get a location that you can carve off and do some measurements. Make sure to know what you want in your deck, like barbeque, patio set, plants or other things to a lot the right size your deck needs.

The next is preparing the materials you need according to your measurements to create your deck. The most common woods used in making a deck are redwood, northern white cedar and southern pine. Make sure to have your lumber pressure treated for it will face the elements year round. Besides lumber, you will also need bolts, washers, joists and concrete mix for the posts.

Next is the preparation; double-check the measurements of the location for your deck and put steaks on each end. You can tie your area off using a string and design the location where you want the boards to get a clear image of how will your deck look like when finished.

Now you can start on building the frames of your deck. You need holes six foot deep and fill it with concrete. Next is connecting the side beams outside of each post. Next, connect your beams with the joists and lay in your beams inside, now you have a complete frame.

Finally, all you need is to lay the decking down and attaching them into the beams underneath. After this, you will have a platform where you can walk and stand on then, connect your railing posts on the corner of the deck and finish you railings closing it in.

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