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How can I make my own hammock?

Hammocks have long been used by people since ancient history. They have been used by sailors for long voyages, seeing that it elevates an individual off the floor, away from pests. A dream vacation have also been illustrated as you lying on a hammock tied between two coconut trees, with calm, blue waves in the background and white sand under you while you sip a cold drink. You can make this dream come true, and one of the first steps is making your own hammock.

First, you should consider what material to use for construction. The recommended material for garden hammocks is canvas, particularly the light-colored ones. Once you have acquired your desired material, sew the edges of the cloth. Fold longer sides in by around 6 inches, and secure them via a sewing machine. This will prevent the fraying or tattering of the edges. There should be ample space to accommodate the rope. Repeat this procedure for the shorter edges.

After sewing the edges, you will now need some rope. Cut 2 short pieces and 2 longer ones; the latter should be long enough to pass through the cloth while leaving a generous amount for tying to posts or trees. The shorter pieces should be threaded through each loop at the end of your hammock, then tie the remaining parts into a tight knot. The longer pieces of rope should then be threaded through the cloth or canvas. You may want to tie the ends, but make sure you do it lightly. Finally, choose where you want to hang your hammock. If you want to tie it around a tree, put wooden slats between the rope and the tree so as to avoid damage on the tree’s bark. Make sure your knots are tight then you can get in, sit back, and enjoy.

Safety is very important as you decide your hammock spot. Just make sure that the trees which you would be choosing would be strong enough so that it could handle your weight Additionally, make sure that there would be no heavy overhanging branches which could fall into the hammock.

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