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How can I refinish my laminate counter tops ?

If you have nicks in your laminate countertops, you don’t have to take a loan out to bring back the shine on your laminated countertops. It is very easy to accomplish some improvements that are popping out on your woodwork. To finish this project, you will need sandpaper, painter’s tape, oil-based paint, primers or sealers, oil-based polyurethane, paintbrushes, paper towels, sea sponge, rags and rubber gloves. Remember that oiling your countertop is what you are doing, if your laminate countertops need refurnishing or reinstalling, different materials and procedures are needed.

You can start by having your workspace ready, cover the floor, lay out a painter’s canvas to the cupboards, and tape it. Then, clean the entire countertop with trisodium phosphate. Let the surface heal and sand it with a rough grit sandpaper to allow the surface to accept the paint. Apply the oil-based primer and let it dry for the whole day. Make sure to dust off your countertop before applying the primer.

Paint you countertop with the desired color over the primer and let it dry. Once your base color is dry, you can apply the first accent color, which should be darker. Add texture by dabbing the two-accent color using a sea sponge. Dab the sponge on a paper towel first or remove the excess paint before you apply it on your countertop. Let the paint dry before you apply your lighter color mixing in your pattern. Most home improvement shop has color patterns already set to blend in your kitchen.

After completing the pattern in your countertop, finish it off using a non-yellowing coat. Give the last coat another day to dry before removing the tape and drop cloth. Your laminate countertop will definitely bring its shine back and no one will notice that you kept your home improvement loan in replacing your laminate countertop.

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