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How can I remove old wallpaper ?

Taking off old wallpaper is a project no one enjoys. It is sticky, messy and very time consuming. Some people try to prevent this dull task by repainting over wallpaper. However, it is not recommended and can turn into a headache in the future. While there are no ways to prevent removing wallpaper in a messy way, there are rather new methods and products available to make the job easier.

The best way to make a wallpaper cooperate during removal is to make it as wet as possible, making it easier to scrape. To do this, you first have to score the wallpaper with a utility knife or a scoring product especially made for the task. You can get this in almost every home improvement store.

After properly scoring the wallpaper, you need to apply a chemical wallpaper remover. Make sure you are wearing safety glasses to protect your eyes from the chemical for it is extremely dangerous. Mask and rubber gloves will also be of great help for this task. Use a paintbrush to apply the removal agent or you can use a paint sprayer if you want to speed up the process.

If you do not feel comfortable using chemical to remove your wallpaper, you can always use an environmentally friendly and safer removal method, the wallpaper steaming. You can get a steamer by renting from your home improvement shop and just follow the instructions on how to use the machine. The steam will saturate the wallpaper completely.

No matter what process you use on removing your wallpaper, the wallpaper paste will automatically fall off once saturated. If it is soft enough, you can start scraping the wallpaper carefully with long gentle strokes to prevent carving holes in the wall. It is possible for some areas to have stubborn wallpaper; in this case, you can just reapply the steam or the chemical.

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2 Responses to “How can I remove old wallpaper ?”

  1. gaby said :

    I used easy-off, yeah the can you use to clean the oven. But it did bring down all the glue from the wall, and now I finally got rid of that old wallpaper and I’m able to paint my wall. I got the idea of using easy-off from my mother. I must say though you gotta have patience for this, but it will come off very easly. Just make sure you peel off the wallpaper then spray the easy-off on the glue… Good luck!

  2. Chuck Popp said :

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