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How can I sharpen drill bits ?

Besides avoiding the hustle of going to the shop to have your drill bits sharpened, you can also save time and money by learning simple tips on sharpening them by yourself. Drilling will be easier and you will find yourself drilling cleaner and smoother holes if you know your drill bits. If you do not have much talent in sharpening drill bits, or if you just want to try the process, you may want to consider buying a drill bit sharpener.

A drill bit sharpener can be used in almost all kinds of bits. However, you have to make sure that you read and understand the instructions precisely to avoid ruining your bits rather than sharpening it. It may seem easy to sharpen drill bits on the first look, but due to the special coating and shaped edges, precision is very much required. When sharpening a drill bit, it is very important to keep it cool as you patiently do the process. It is best to give your bit regular sharpening rather than waiting for it to be completely useless, making the sharpening process longer and harder.

Drilling at an angle can cause bits to turn dull quickly. How you
drill is also a factor in maintaining the full potential of your
drill. Remember to take the bit out of the hole from time to time to remove the debris and fragments inside. Make sure that you properly store your drill bits to keep them from being dull faster.

It is important to know something about drill bits if you are planning on sharpening them by yourself, such as the different kind of bits, what method you should use and the tools available in sharpening them. For instance, twist bits are very ordinary; they have sharp ends and edges with a spiral blade that push the debris out of the hole as it punches. An oilstone, comparable to a whetstone, is a fine choice when it comes to twist bits sharpening, although it is very important to keep your patience to ensure that you maintain the proper angle of the bit as you sharpen.

Tile bits and screwdriver bits can be sharpened in the same process. Forstner bits, those that produce flat-bottomed holes, may be sharpened with a fine file or oilstone. A fine file can also be used in sharpening flat wood bits that are used in countersink and power drill bits can be sharpened with a fine triangular file. A grindstone may be used to sharpen specific types of drill bits like masonry bits or spur points.

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