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How can I use solar energy as a pool heater?

Solar energy is widely recognized as energy saving, it is also a great way to heat your pools. There are different ways to do it, from the common panels to homemade frames. Solar pool heaters cover more than ten percent of the pool heating market in Canada.

In making a solar pool heater, you will need a solar heat pump, PVC pipe, solar panel, black rubber hose, solar ring and a solar blanket. You can use solar panels in heating your swimming pool, which are often placed in rooftops. Heat collectors come in various types of materials, so you can choose what material suits you. Solar heaters need south facing roof, though up to forty five degrees west or east of due south will not affect the performance of the heaters unless a shade is involved.

A large-scale heat collector requires a big space, approximately 350-500 square feet. Seven to twelve black plastic panels commonly fit residential pools. Collectors that are properly secured and protected last up to ten to fifteen years.

You can create your own solar pool heater with a simple pump and black PVC pipes. Run the pipes from the radiator up to the pool filter and run another set of piping back to the radiator. You are mainly running the water to the radiator back to the pool. They are a system of pipes completely heated by the sunlight. Most people tried this kind of pool heating method before they switch to natural gas.

You can also try using a series of black rubber hoses coiled inside a wooden frame. Cover the entire coiled hoses with a black plastic and install it in our rooftop. Then, pump the water through the coiled hoses into the pool. The water picks up heat as they run along the coiled hoses. This method saves you space by coiling a lot of piping.

Another way to heat your pool is with the use of a solar blanket. Comparable to bubble wrap, this light translucent cover is a cheap and effective way to prolong the seasonal use of your swimming pool. No matter what you use as your pool heater, solar pool heaters are still the most cost effective method.

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