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How do I build a stone mailbox ?

Building a decorative stone mailbox is not an easy task but worth the effort. First, you have to prepare the necessary materials and tools. You will need a level, stakes masonry hammer, shovel, saw, twine, masonry acid, premixed mortar, concrete and uniform stones.

Dig a hole approximately two feet deep and with the width and length of your desire, square hole is highly recommended. Set a frame made of wood on the top of the hole cut to desired length. The inside measurements of the box should be equal to the size of the mailbox. Position your level at the top of frame’s side to make sure your hole is leveled horizontally. Make adjustments if needed.

Then, mix concrete and fill the hole. After filling the hole, drag a piece of wood across the frame to remove excess concrete and to level your base. Settle the rock in the concrete mixture by tamping it down. Now, let the concrete thicken and skim over with a trowel to make it smooth and uniform. Give the concrete one full day to harden before you lay the stones.

Place your stakes on each corner of the base using a small sledge or a hammer. Use twine to mark your level lines for the mailbox pedestal by running it around the stakes. Set a line of mortar surrounding the perimeter of the base and position the stones in it. After each stone set, place the level on top of it and tap gently with a hammer to make sure you have a level course. Run your spade to cut excess mortar over the side of the stone.

After reaching the desired height, fill the hallow portion with sand leaving a half inch drop. Now, Position your mortar to level with the height of the stone and center your mailbox on top. Cover the entire box with stones and if you want a crown, just add a large stone on top of your pedestal. You can finish your stone mailbox with a wire brush and acid. After two weeks, you can apply sealant to your mailbox with a paintbrush to bring the natural color of the stone.

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