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How do I install a fireplace insert ?

If you are planning to renovate an old fireplace, installing a fireplace insert is the way. The installation is very easy for the fireplace is a ready-made hole. The good thing about inserts is that it produces more heat than open fireplace; this make inserts a good source of supplemental heat in your home.

The cost of a fireplace insert depends on how much you will be using it, but the cost is cheaper compared to the money you’ll spend for heaters. In installing an insert, you will need heavy cardboard, screwdriver, screws, flue liner, chalks, aluminum snips and chimney caulk.

You can start with the heavy cardboard, lay it on the hearth in front of the fireplace and set the insert carefully on the cardboard. Then, slide it on the rear end of the fireplace. Remember to have the unit centered in the opening. Take the damper out and slide down the flue liner through the chimney top. Make sure that the bottom end fits the flue collar adapter on top of the insert. Connect the collar to the liner with screws and trim down the excess liner on the chimney top with snips.

Mark the sides and top of the insert with a chalk in accordance with the sides and front of the opening of the fireplace. Then, pull the insert out just enough to reach the drilled holes on the sides and top. Loosen the top extender panel, position the panel until it covers the chalk mark and tighten the screws.

You can now install the two side panels with the same process as the top extender panel. Apply chimney caulk in the joints between the three extender panel and the insert and so as the seams between side and top panels. Finally, connect the insulation strips on the back of the panel and carefully slide the insert back in the fireplace.

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