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How do I install a new toilet ?

When you renovate your bathroom one of the first things you’ll probably want to do is get a nice new pearly white toilet to install in your bathroom. Now buying the toilet is the easy part, but for someone who’s never installed one before it could be difficult to do. You will be able to install a toilet by following the steps that I have written in this article though, and you won’t need to waste money paying someone to do it for you. It also looks a little bit silly hiring someone to install a toilet for you as it isn’t something that is overly difficult as long as you read some tips and instructions.

The first step you need to do when installing a toilet is place the two bolts straight up into the flange, once this is done you can then put your toilet gasket on the flange.

Now you should put the bowl into place, which is simple and all you need to do is put it so that the bolts go into the bowl and then lower it into place so that the wax sticks and the bowl doesn’t move.

After centering your toilet bowl into place you can add the washers and nuts to the exposed bolts that are now sticking up. Make sure you put these on tight enough so that they don’t move at all.

Once the bolts are on tight you can now install the toilet tank, which is a bit more complex. You need to start by pushing the two mounting bolts through the bottom of the tank, and then add the rubber washers so that it’s sealed off from inside the tank. Once the rubber washers are in place and sealing the tank then you can add the washers and nuts to the bolts.

You should have a rubber and sponge gasket, this piece needs to be installed now by putting it over the discharge tube.

Now you need to carefully put the bolts through the bowl now with keeping the gasket between the bowl and the tank. Once it’s in place tighten it with some nuts and washers so that the tank remains in a level position.

Now you need to add the flushing handle to the toilet which is easy to do, and once you do that you need to connect the lift arm to the chain of the flushing ball the is inside of the tank.

From here all you need to do is add the toilet lid and the plastic caps to cover the exposed bolts. You should also now test the toilet to make sure nothing leaks, and if nothing does then you’ve now installed your very first toilet.

Installing a toilet isn’t too difficult with step by step instructions and if you can follow simple instructions then you shouldn’t have a problem with the installation. A toilet doesn’t need to be changed very often, but it’s helpful to know how to change your toilet in case you ever need to do the task.

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  1. Vivien said :

    Best use a professional plummer – otherwise I see disaster the first time someone uses your new toilet – how embarassing !!!


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