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How do I install a skylight ?

Having a skylight may be expensive if you will have it professionally installed, but it is possible to do the task by yourself with some little planning. They are attractive as well as energy efficient; a skylight gives natural beauty to any room by letting the ‘natural’ light come in.

In installing a skylight, you need to prepare a drywall saw, tape measure, long nails, nail gun, plastic sheeting, staple gun, roofing nails, reciprocating saw, drywall, drywall screws and tape, joint compounds, level and studs. Then choose the tight skylight. There is pre-engineered flashing system sealing the roof. This kind of skylight makes the installation easier and quicker.

Locate the area of the ceiling joints, marking the opening with pencil, level and a tape measure. Use the drywall saw to cut along the lines and pull it out. Use your level, hold it against the cutout edges, and mark the inside of the roof. Nail through the corners along the line on the roof to check if the nails are long enough to poke all the way through the topside of the roof. This will also serve as a guide in cutting the roof.

Now, remove all roofing materials in the area around the nails you drove through the roof and from the inside of the nails. Be careful in removing the roofing material so you can use it again. On the exposed plywood, use the level in connecting the nails to make an outline of the area where the skylight will be installed.

Cut the plywood carefully with the reciprocating saw and install the anchors and brackets following the manufacturer’s guide. Place the skylight in the hole and make sure that it is securely fit and leveled. Again, secure the skylight following the manufacturer’s directions.

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