How do I install a vessel faucet and sink ?

If you feel that your bathroom is a little outdated, you can consider installing a new set of sink and faucet. One of the most popular for people who go sleek and modern is the vessel sink and faucet. You won’t have to get a professional plumber that may cost you to install it for it is very easy. Vessel faucet and sink are great conversation pieces and has unique design.

To install vessel faucet and sink, you will need a plumber’s tape, pipe, tubing, silicone seal and of course, your vessel sink and accessories. Start by replacing your old sink using the pipeline of your old one and mark a spot where you want to place your faucet. Make sure to position your faucet directly inside the sink to prevent water spill.

Disassemble the faucet by removing all screws, clevis and pads and position the UP pad of the faucet-mounting hole over the counter. Drop your faucet in position and allow the supply lines to fall through the correct sinkhole. Screw the mounting nut of the faucet underneath the countertop and attach the water supply on the pipe and the connection. Apply plumber’s tape on every connection you will make between pipes to avoid leaks. Tighten the pipes onto the faucet with a wrench making sure not to turn the valve all the way up creating too much pressure and may cause leaks.

Turn the water supply on and check if the water flow is working properly. If you notice any leakages, repair it as needed and cover the areas of the bottom of the faucet with silicone to make sure that the water is kept inside the faucet and pipes. Remember not to tighten the connection too much that the pipes may bend ruining the faucet and pipes’ connection.

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