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How do I install laminate flooring ?

Laminating your floor is very easy. This gives your floor a solid wood flooring look with the hard installation. Besides the wood look in your floor, floor lamination also gives designs like, stones and marbles. With some tools and techniques, you can do this task like a professional in less than a week.

All you need is laminate flooring, foam underlayment, laminate setting block, rubber mallet, laminate spacers, edge molding, duct tape, finish stapler and a measuring tape. Check your tools and have the floor ready by fixing uneven surfaces and removing debris. Your base must be perfectly smooth before laying the laminate. Vacuuming or sweeping the floor for dust will also be of great help in getting the job done more effectively.

The foam underlayment must cover the entire floor; you can do so by cutting it and extending it across the floor. Staple the foam in place and use a duct tape to connect cut pieces. The foam needs to have about half an inch allowance of extension to the wall. You can skip this task if you can get a laminate that already have foam backing on it.

Check how you want the pattern to run and start on the longest wall parallel to the desired direction. This will not be necessary for marble look lamination for it has no grains visible. However, wood laminate has the wood planking look so you have to decide which direction you want it to run.

Inspect the first laminate in the box for dented corners. As you check, you will see that there are two different edge surfaces, the tongue and the grove. The edge closest to the wall should be the tongue edge. Beginning at the corner, lay the first piece along the wall, placing spacers at the back and at the end. Position the next piece and use setting block and tap the end together gently with a mallet. Just repeat the process until you reach the last piece.

Take measurements before cutting the last piece; cut it a quarter inch shorter than the provided space for future expansion. Use the other piece of the one you cut in starting with your next row. This process will give you staggered joints. Press the tongue of your next row downward to the grove. The pieces will snap in place, continue until you finished the whole floor. Finally, remove the spacers, install the base molding, and edge trim after finishing the laminate.

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