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How do I make a stone driveway ?

If your front yard in not so inviting because of your cracked driveway, adding a stone driveway will give it a new look. This task is a bit challenging but sure worth it. You can start converting your old asphalt driveway into an elegant stone driveway by removing the old cracked ones. This is for the best and durable result.

Measure your driveway to get enough stones to cover the area. Remember to order extra stones to make up for the cracked or broken stones. Dig the area leaving a six to eight inches trench for the whole driveway area. Then, fill the dug area with gravel base about five inches and a course of sand two inches thick on the top of the gravel.

Use a rake to level and compact the sand and measure a straight line from the end of the driveway with poles and a piece of string as your guide for making the border. Make a stone mat layer and set the stones for border and connect it with adhesive on the edge of your driveway. Lay the stone as you make your way to the center.

After placing all stones in, cut some for gaps and spaces and use a compactor after all stones are in place including gaps. Finally, blow out cracks in between stones using a leaf blower to take all debris off before you grout the area. Make sure to remove unnecessary grouts before it dries.

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