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How do I replace damaged deck boards ?

You do not have to replace an entire deck if there are just a few damaged, cracked or rotted sections. Replacing the damaged section is very easy with the use of the right materials and tools. Just make sure to have the same kind of deck as well as the preservative and stain used on the original one. For sure, your guest would not notice any difference. You will need scap2x4, nail set, preservative or stain, galvanized nail or screws, dill, hammer, keyhole saw, tape measure, pry bar and the replacement deck for replacing your damaged deck.

Cut directly to the decking on the bad section’s joist with a jigsaw. You May need to drill a hole first before you can start to saw through the board. Make a two by four cleat that fits in the space near the joist. You can start one or more galvanized nails in the cleat before placing it and attaching it to the top of the joist.

Take measurements on the replacement deck according to the length of the space and attach the cut deck to the cleats with a decking screws or galvanized nails. If you are using nails, use a nail set to set the heads lower than the surface. If the replacement deck is not level with the original deck surface, you sand down the high spots and apply the same preservative or stain used in the original deck.

In removing the rotted or damaged boards with pry bar, gently pry up from each end of the deck or cut the deck in two pieces as in the step above. Take measurements and cut the replacement deck to the needed length, if the decking overhang, trim it down with a saw and attach additional replacement boards as in steps above.

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