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How do I replace wallpaper ?

While it’s definitely fun to plan to give your room a makeover by replacing old wallpaper, the task itself is no walk in the park. It can be messy and time-consuming. Some forego the removal of old wallpaper and just paint or install a new set of wallpaper over it, but this is not advisable. There are a few easy ways to accomplish this task, as shall be discussed below.

Removing wallpaper is easy once it is moist enough to cooperate with your efforts. To accomplish this, score your wallpaper using a knife or any scoring product available in a home improvement store to make crisscross pattern on the wall. After this, spray a chemical wallpaper remover into the scored wall and let it set. It is recommended to use safety goggles, a mask, and rubber gloves to get through the fumes of the chemical. You can also try using a paintbrush, but it can take too much time. If the wallpaper was not moistened enough, apply another dose of the chemical.

For those who don’t want to use chemicals, you can use a steaming machine instead to wet the wallpaper. These machines are more environmentally-safe, and they can be rented at any home improvement shop.

Once the wallpaper has been adequately saturated, gently scrape the peeling paper away from the wall. Be careful not too dig too deeply to avoid carving holes. If there are some areas where the paper cannot be gently scraped away, you can reapply the chemical or use the steaming machine again.

After the wallpaper has been removed, you may be left with unsightly adhesive that is still stubbornly stuck to the wall. You may need to purchase another chemical that is specifically designed for the job, or you can use heavy detergent to scrub the walls instead. Once the adhesive has been removed, rinse the wall by wiping it with a damp sponge.

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