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how do you get rid of a glue solvent on laminated wood?

My work collegue has put a wall glue spray on our bosses desk he is now going mad and we can’t get it off?
ok and how do we get rid of the shards of rubber and toilet paper there are now traces of on the glue?

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7 Responses to “how do you get rid of a glue solvent on laminated wood?”

  1. mothertiggy said :

    acetone works at removing glue but try in a spot you cant see 1st as can remove colour on certain woods

  2. Pix said :

    Thinners or paint stripper!

  3. jo jo said :

    Brown vinegar rubbed on with a warm wet cloth works pretty well. Thats how i managed to get my computer desk apart when i moved house, although it does smell like you’re working in a fish and chip shop! – good luck

  4. mike m said :

    Use what every contractor in the world uses; WD40…..guaranteed.

  5. ebo said :

    try some thinners its a solvent cleaner,use in a well vented area.

  6. sb r said :

    best thing is to soak the area with warm or hot water and then take it out

  7. pilgrim said :

    if you dont wish to use chemicals like nail varnish remover or cellulose thinners.a steam machine will solve your problem without the worry of colour fade.


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