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How do you think DIY?for example,DIY toys,DIY computer ect.?

I like DIY,but i really understand not any more about this.
Thanks&Best regards.

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7 Responses to “How do you think DIY?for example,DIY toys,DIY computer ect.?”

  1. Deet said :

    I think DIY is pretty cool. I reckon you need to consider safety before you do anything but. I would stay clear of electricity to…..ZZZAAAP!

  2. Loho said :

    Do It Yourself !

  3. tony m said :

    Hello Nelly,
    OK, DIY is for DO IT YOURSELF, and can mean so much for so many subjects, from a quick microwave meal, to a Divorce Court Case. but outside of those extremes it can be something for you to enjoy doing, Like ‘Flat-Pack Furniture’ you go to the DIY store and purchase what it is you would like in your house, and take it all out of the pack, find the instruction leaflet and the Screws and Fastenings, then get the tools together to erect the furniture from the Flat-Pack and just buid it until you have no more parts left over and no more screws and fastenings, and Hey Presto! there is your DIY Project all done and complete…I built a DIY toy Jeep for my Grandson, and the paints that came with it were for either a boy or a Girl, and now he has an action-man figure riding around the house in a very PINK Jeep, with Blue wheels on it, but he loves it because he painted it himself…
    There is a computer parts Store 15 miles away from my home and this Computer was built by me from the empty boxes to what you see now, and because I built it myself I saved over £450.oo and that is a cheap computer when you consider it could have cost me over £1000.oo..
    DIY is very definitely fun if you have toh tools and the know how, Oh and the instructions come in very handy too. If you ever have any trouble with your DIY projects, ask the suppliers for help or even us on Yahoo Questions we will try to answer your querie for you… Nelly, it’s why we are here… Good luck, and be careful, keep a Band-aid handy, in case of cuts or splinters……Bye Tony M

  4. petethen2 said :

    DIY is just what it implies (doing things yourself) whether it be sewing or plumbing repair. This forum affords you the opportunity to ask questions about your particular endeavor.

  5. ray j said :

    diy could mean dont involve yourself

  6. len b said :

    Most Rough ceilings are easily removed. The spray that gives it the roughness is water soluble. Cover everything with plastic sheets and wet the ceiling. Use anything, sponge rag mop etc.. Let stand for a while and then scrape off with a trowel.

  7. alexeitokareffx said :


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