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How is a jointer used in woodworking ?

One of the great materials to work with is wood. However, there are some disadvantages in wood because in different conditions, wood contracts, expands, warps and cups. Woodworkers work with techniques to accommodate contractions and expansions of wood for it is not as stable as metals and stones.

As humidity and temperature changes, wood continues to warp and split. Therefore, to begin with woodwork, woodworkers starts with rough wood and undergo a lot of processes to be sure it is smooth and flat. Most of them use hand tools, but for those who uses power tools, they normally use jointers.

An infeed and outfeed is included in jointers. Between the two tables, a set of rotating blades are positioned. A fence is set as a guide on one side of the jointer. The infeed table should be paralleled to the outfeed table, but slightly lower to expose a small amount of the cutting blades. Then, press the lumber on the infeed table and push toward the outfeed table. The blade will remove a small amount of wood, but it might need a couple of passes if the wood is quite warped.

You can square up the wood’s edges by placing the lumber in the jointer vertically against the fence. Again, you can pass the wood several times to get a flat edge. You can adjust the fence to get the desired angle of your wood edge.

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