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How is it that “old-know-all” knows all the right answers to DIY stuff?

he’s brilliant! wish I knew him, then I’d never get ripped off by cowboy tradesmen

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8 Responses to “How is it that “old-know-all” knows all the right answers to DIY stuff?”

  1. RAMSBOTTOM said :


  2. Lonnie P said :

    Don’t know the man, but apparently he has done some stuff in his life. That happens when we’ve been around awhile. Don’t know how old he is, but I’m 45. I know some stuff, but still learning.

  3. skunkmasta said :

    Experience Helps, having to do a 5yr apprenticeship,not a 3mnth course might be the answer!!

  4. my name here said :


  5. col said :


  6. colin s said :

    well i been a brickie for five plus a five year appreticeship so thats ten years and i am still learnin new things off the older blokes so i would say expierience is the answer

  7. Dave said :

    Well I cant speak for him but myself growing up under meager means have to be able to repair our things.This is what we call the school of hard knocks.speaking for myself

  8. jean c said :

    REGARDING (OLD KNOW ALL) he probably knows it all because he is old,he will have had experience through his life that you are having now,we all have to learn , he too will have made mistakes as we all have ,it just teaches us never to do it that way again,We learn by mistakes,keep away from the cowboys for gods sake ,we are all being ripped off,What happened to a fair price for a fair days work?


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