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How long does it take to do a straight forward diy divorce?

What is the process? How many papers do you have to sign.

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5 Responses to “How long does it take to do a straight forward diy divorce?”

  1. skate man said :

    well none if you just shoot them HA

  2. Dream Breaker said :

    Its expensive. Maybe a few grand. As long as you both sign it shouldnt take long. If one of you refuses to sign it could take forever.

  3. dwnjhl said :

    depends on the state you are in. I am in Washington State. It takes 90 days and costs about $250 to file the papers yourself. If the ex is in agreement and just signs the papers it is as simple as that. You can go to the state court website for the state you live in. Most of them have a section to download forms. You can fill them out yourself and just take them to the court house. Again, it is simplest if you agree on everything and just sign it all together. Then you go in for your final court date about 90 days later… Good luck!

  4. Tamelion said :

    In UK it really depends if you have grounds and what they are e.g. if you separate and claim marriage breakdown you have to be apart for 2 years before you can even start the process – after that its a couple of forms and a financial statement and, unless the court is really busy or you make errors on the paperwork and uncontested case can be before the court in say three months and after judgement you wait one month for the final decree (nisi). Worth the wait in my experience!

    Good luck.

  5. jmdit27 said :

    As long as there are no children, about three to four months start to finish, take a copy of your marriage certificate to the council office, there is a lengthy form to fill in (they will help you with this, just be patient) once the form has been filled in take it to your partner to countersign, pay around £150-200 then sit back and wait until the good news comes in the post.


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