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How many women tackle DIY, including assembling flat pack furniture?

Is there anything you won’t have a go at and would rather pay or persuade someone else to get the job done?

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16 Responses to “How many women tackle DIY, including assembling flat pack furniture?”

  1. pink-wize-gal said :

    i allways do it myself!

  2. KatesMum said :

    If I want a job done properly I do it myself!!

    I do sometimes pretend that I cant do things just so my husband can have a go. He gets annoyed when I fix things like the car and stuff!

  3. Cableguy said :

    My wife always does those I hate them and I m very handy

  4. §ὼeétié Ʈὡįŋ Őƒ Ľįḡћŧ ღ❤ღ❤ღ❤ღ said :

    I do, but I am not a fan of flat packed furniture and hate instruction manuals. I find it faster not to use them LOL!.

  5. Cei said :

    My wife tends to do all that stuff, she enjoys it and is good at it.
    That suits me just fine as I am rubbish at it and have no desire to be any good at it. (I can’t even wire a plug). As far as I’m concerned any minute spent with a paintbrush or tool of any sort is a minute of my life wasted.

  6. Dararie said :

    I do the painting and furniture assembly in our house.
    My husband does the electrical and plumbing.

  7. ? said : way.i think its best left to the men.i have yet to meet a women with a decent set of tools

  8. bigbossmamma said :

    Any flat pack furniture is my job. My husband says I have a lot more patience than him for it and I do quite like doing it. He is apt to think he knows what goes where without looking at the instructions then starts swearing when it goes wrong.
    Preparation work when decorating is something I would pay someone to do – I cannot stand it. Filling holes and sanding them before you can get on and paper and paint – cannot be bothered with any of it, so my husband does that bit, then I do the painting.

  9. SARAH B said :

    I always do all the DIY in our house including flat pack, tiling, wallpapering, painting and laying carpet.

  10. shortie xxx said :

    I total love doing flat packs.I do all the DIY in my house ive done the garden,decorating,flat packs and small plumbing jobs. I would neva do anything to do with electric other then changing a plug or fuse.

  11. creamfeather said :

    I paint and decorate, including wallpapering.
    I can assemble flat pack furniture.
    I do simple electrics such as changing plugs and fuses
    Ive just mended my wooden garden gate
    Ive built garden fencing.
    I do the gardening

    Dont do –
    Electrics, except above
    Anything to do with plumbing.

  12. blackgrumpycat said :

    Since my partner died I have had to do most things. I bought a bedroom set (chest of drawers, wardrobe, bedside tables and bed) which all came flat packed. I completely decorated the whole house (never got done when we moved in) – even the hall/stairs/landing balancing on a ladder. The things I can’t do myself, others did for me, such as replacing radiators, fitting a bathroom suite, sorting the electrics and plastering. This weekend the outside toilet is coming out and the lean to is coming down. My step father is doing most of it, but I will be there with my steel toe capped boots on helping! I will have a go at most things, but won’t do anything which needs special skills.

  13. starelda said :

    I do most things…painting, flat pack furniture, basic electrics. I won’t touch anything to do with gas obviously or plumbing (except basics…can change a washer in a tap for example). I prefer to get someone in to lay carpet or do tiling because I think they’d do a far better job.

  14. leah308 said :

    I always do the DIY in our house, my partner is hopeless lol….

  15. Pam @ Sallygoodin said :

    I LOVE DIY and have done a little bit of everything, except really involved electrical and plumbing jobs. Rewiring lamps and changing a faucet I do. Though when it comes to rewiring a house and putting in a new tub….I’m my husband’s helper. He bought me my own DeWalt power drill, tool bag and I usually get a new tool on holidays and birthdays. LOL

  16. Jen said :

    I always do these things myself, and love it (for the most part). Now that I’m married, my husband tries to take over – I think he thinks it’s a man’s job. So I try to do that stuff before he gets home! And I have a nice set of tools a friend bought me for college graduation that I still use to this day, plus my power drill. LOVE IT!


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