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how much does a diy divorce cost in ireland?

i want to go for a divorce with out a diy kit or lawyers. all parties are compliant
q1. what forms do i need
q2, where do i get them from
q3 what costs will i expect along the way e.g court fees,solicitors signitures
q4 how long will it take

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One Response to “how much does a diy divorce cost in ireland?”

  1. emma C said :

    Q1. go to the court nearest to where you got married they will give you the forms, you will need to get them stamped by a lawyer.
    Q3. even though you can do it yourself, you will have court expenses, anything up to 800 euros, if you are on speaking terms with your x ask him to accompany you as this will be quicker if he is there.
    Q4. it can be really quick, if you file the papers yourself and get the court stamp it will be 6 weeks and 1 day from that date.
    If i can help anymore please contact me, word of warning get a price for all signatures before you begin.


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