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How powerful is a crossbow what range will they work at?

If shot into soft wood at say 20yds what depth would it penetrate?

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7 Responses to “How powerful is a crossbow what range will they work at?”

  1. alphacenturi said :

    Depends on which crossbow, there is quite a range and they vary in how powerful they are. Some are incredibly powerful although build quality bringing better accuracy is usually what comes with buying the top models.

    My friend had one and he shot it into a 4inch deep block of wood, it went in with such force we had had to smash open the wood with an axe to get the arrow out, there was no way to dig it out.

    An amazing piece of kit.

  2. jungle867 said :

    it would go in DEEP. i know i can shoot a 140lb crosbow with a scope accuratly out to 60 yards.

  3. wall_id_pike said :

    They will work and be accurate out for many yards depending on the bow you are using and to a degree, the bolts.

    I was shooting at a target block of foam that was made for compound bows and the bolt when straight through that and burried the entire field point in a tree a few yards behind it.

    As far as trying to get the arrow out, you ain’t gonna do it. Not and have a usable arrow (bolt).

  4. Gary E said :

    I have a horton 175lb. crossbow. At 35 yards,the bolt passed through both sides of a whitetail deer and into the ground almost up to the vanes.

  5. Worlds Biggest St. Helens Fan said :

    ask the french, they fired them at us for 100 years!

  6. Hawksflyn2u said :

    I have a 165 lb Tenpoint Crossbow, it would pass right through it at that short distance.

  7. funnyman said :

    its as or more powerful than a bow


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