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I have never painted before in my life and I want to paint my flat. Where do I start from any DIY tip or any w

I have never painted before in my life and I want to paint my flat. Where do I start from any DIY tip or any websites to give me some tips and what I need for a professional results

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9 Responses to “I have never painted before in my life and I want to paint my flat. Where do I start from any DIY tip or any w”

  1. Tom H said :

    Try the BBC website – usually very good at DIY tips

  2. kim t said :

    go to your local lowes or home depot… theyll help you pick the color the type of paint needed, and the sheen (glossy, satin, eggshell, etc) theyll also get you the perfect tools to use!!!
    painting is a blast!!! wear old clothes, and dont forget the dropcloths! have a fun time … its the most inexpensive thing you can do to any thing!!! and its foolproof… if you dont like it, you can always re paint!!! have fun!!!

  3. newmom said :

    At, there is a virtual painter program, which is totally awesome!! It uses paint chips from American Tradition paint. You can choose a type of room, bathroom, bedroom, exterior, kitchen, dinning room, etc. Then, you can choose one of the room designs available and specify the wall color, the trim and the ceiling color!! to see what the combinations look like. It’s awesome.
    To get to it click on the following link:
    It will bring up the American Tradition page at, then go to the bottom of the right hand column and click on “virtual painter” (look for the color wheel). It will then open a new window with the virtual painter program.

    It’s a good place to go to fool around with colors and see what you like before you buy paint.

    Good luck!

  4. ~greb~ said :

    Never painted before ?
    Just to be sure;- after you read instructions on the can;use two coats, – that you don’t put them on while painting…(the coats). JK.

  5. ruzicho2000 said :

    Uncle Jerry shares some of his pro painting tips in his forum at the link below.

  6. Kathy said :

    With a paint bucket and a brush 😀 —
    Really very simple
    1 Choose color
    2 Choose gloss — usually semigloss or flat. Semi-gloss usually put in kitchen, bath, kids rooms, and trim. Flat paint everyplace else.
    3 Buy latex paint — oil not worth it for first time user.
    4 Buy 1″ brush for trim and 3″ or 4″ brush for corners and other areas buy roller and pan. Get best roller for medium surface you will be glad you did. If your surface is real rough get a rough roller. Buy blue tape and drop clothes. Buy a gizmoe to paint the wall close to the ceiling, lots to cloose from. have at least a 3′ ladder
    5. Plan to paint with your flat paint first and tape everthing that you do not want to get paint on.. Do not worry about getting paint on the trim if you will be painting that too.
    6 Take off all wall switch plates and put drop clothes every where that you will be painting.
    7 then prepare the surface — If you are going over a shinny surface first must take the shine off. Best way to do this is with a liquid deglosser or a sanding liquid. Just wipe it on one wall at a time paint the wall and do the same on the next wall. — If no shine just wash the walls and paint away. Make sure to rinse or cleaner you use will cause trouble with the paint
    Note: almost all trim is shiny. If you decide to take the short cut and not take the shine off first. All of these areas will take more coats of paint to look good. plus after the paint is dry it will easily chip and peel from these areas that you did not prepare correctly
    8 If painting the ceiling do that first.
    9 Before painting the walls paint the trim close to the ceiling and the corners with your brush and gizmoe.
    10 Say a prayer that you do not spill too much ! Good luck

  7. dodger said :

    if you want profesional results employ me

  8. rambo said :

    whatever you do paint your ceilings first do your woodwork next then you walls it’s easier to wipe emulsion off gloss work than gloss off emulsion work

  9. Gary B said :


    Your gonna get loads of advise. Unless you have the patience of a saint, you’ll never get a professional finish. Not trying to be rude or put a downer on things but we have all seen the worst in DIY programs. If you insist on DIY. Only do the smallest room in your house first. Before you think about paint, you’ll need filler sand paper scrapers filling knives. Strip any covering of the walls. Fill any imperfections, slightly proud. Rub down smooth when dry. This goes for Walls woodwork and ceiling. repeat these steps as long as needed to get a real flat surface. If you skimp on this part your finish will suffer. Any body can paint, follow instructions on the tin but the preparation is most important.

    Good luck.


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